Arultharum Mutharamman Thirukoil, Kulasekaranpatinam

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Temple Location :

         The Sri Mutharamman Temple is located in Kulasekharapatnam near Thiruchendur in the Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu. It is 300 years old. Navarathiri festival is the grandest festival in this temple. More than 1,500,000 devotees celebrate together here.This temple is under taken by Tamilnadu Government.Kulasai Mutharamman temple Kulasai Mutharamman temple Kulasai Mutharamman temple Kulasai Mutharamman templeKulasaiKulasai Mutharamman temple

Temple Description :

         In this temple Goddess Muththaramman and Swami Nganamoorthiswarar vigraham are installed combined each other. This is also the some of the special features of the temple. You cannot able to see such combined vigraham elsewhere. In the Garpagraha, Swami and Goddess are showering their blessings to the devotees as Swayambu Murthigal.Kulasai Mutharamman temple

Artha Mandapam :

         It is situated next to the Garpagraha.Kulasai Mutharamman temple Kulasai Mutharamman

Maha Mandapam :

         Next to the Artha mandabam, you can able to see Maha mandapam, where Pechiamman, Karuppaswamy and Bairavar are showering their blessings to the devotees.Kulasai Mutharamman

Kodi mandapam :

         Next to the Maha mandapam you can find a 32 feet height Kodimaram which is fully covered with Brass. At the bottom of the Kodimaramyou can see a square consists of Ambal & Swami, as one side, Astira devar on the other side, Lord Vinayaga on the third side, on the fourth side Lord Balasubramaniyan statues are molded in the Brass.Kulasai Mutharamman temple Mutharamman

Arultharum Mutharamman


Festivals :

       1) Yearly Festival

       2) Dhasara Festival

       3) Kodai Festival